Relationship Rewind Review – Can Ryan Rivers’ Program Save Your Marriage?

If you are looking to try to rewind your relationship to an earlier time, perhaps when you first met and fell in love Ryan Rivers’ program will help you win your partner over once again. This program teaches couples who are on the verge of divorce, to reconcile their relationship and fall in love all over again.

How is This Program Different?

Whether the relationship has already been broken off, or if you just want to rekindle that passion you once had for one another, this will help you achieve your goals. This program differs from the advice of other professional couples counselors’ in that most couples counselors will tell you to cut off contact with your ex-wife or ex-girlfriend for a specified length of time, such as 30 days. During that time, you are instructed to work on yourself and not contact them, including not sending text messages. You are told that you should work on self improvement, such as eliminating bad habits, taking the focus off of you and doing things for others.

I also found this video which explains what to expect from the program:

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There are plenty more where that came from, so do your own research if you need more convincing.

Relationship Rewind Start

The strategy of cutting off contact actually forces you two further apart because then, your ex-partner is literally forced to find someone new in order to help her forget about you. Also, separating yourself from your ex breaks the bond that you two have spent time building.

So many relationships suffer due to this bad advice. The minute you cut off contact with her, she believes that you WANT the relationship to end and so she feels she has no choice but to find someone else. It is much better to send them the magic letter that Ryan Rivers shows you in the pdf.

How Relationship Rewind Works

The first step is that you really have to WANT your ex-wife or ex-girlfriend back in your life. There can be no ambivalence with this. You have to know that she is the one you want, and you want her back in your life permanently.

Next, you learn the four stages of relationship decay.

You can also watch this video to learn them…

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The four stages of any relationship are:

1.) Bliss

The Bliss stage is when you first fall in love (if you are still seeking that in a relationship, this program here will help). You believe at the time that this feeling will last forever. You are both very happy and very much in love with each other.

2.) The Switch

The second stage is The Switch. Something happens. The relationship goes through a change. It may be due to something you did. It may happen because your love just feels differently one day. For whatever reason, all relationships are tested with The Switch. Fact is, relationships are, by nature, ever-changing. The key is to be able to spot the changes and deal with them. Relationship Rewind can teach you the stages of relationship decay and how to deal with changes to the relationship.

3.) The Drift

The third transition in a relationship is The Drift. This stage occurs because what your lover wants from you changes over the course of the relationship. What may have been endearing during the Bliss stage, changes to annoying during the Switch stage. The Drift occurs because what she wants from the relationship is changing. She may not even understand this herself. The Relationship Rewind process will explain these changes to relationships and make it clear how you can deal with them.

4.) Death’s Door

Death’s Door is the actual break-up stage. Even if your relationship is at Death’s Door, Relationship Rewind is made to help you to reverse the stages and return to the Bliss stage.

Relationship Rewind is not magic. Relationship Rewind is a plan. The plan provides with the education and strategies for making your relationship what it once was.

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What Do I Get With The Program?

Ryans will provide you with education and strategies in six phases including the super valuable magic letter. The 6 phases of the program are:

Phase 1 – Learning the Four Stages of Relationship Decay
You will learn in detail about the four stages of relationship decay. You will learn how things change and why during the course of a relationship.

Phase 2 – Three Rules of Rewinding Your Relationship
The second phase of Relationship Rewind teaches you how to actually turn back time with your love. This phase provides the strategy for winning back your ex-wife or ex-girlfriend.

Phase 3 – How to Get Your Ex To Start Calling You Again
The third phase of the program will show you how to encourage your ex to start calling and text messaging YOU again.

Phase 4 – 7 Innocent Words That Get Your Ex Missing You Again
The fourth phase provides you with the 7 words that will make her miss you.

Phase 5 – How to Stop Your Divorce or Breakup
This phase is an important one. This phase shows you how to stop a divorce or breakup in its tracks.

Phase 6 – Simple Tricks to Ignite Your Partner’s Passion and Desire
The sixth faze will show you a few techniques that will light that fire of passion once again.

We hope you enjoyed this review of Ryan Rivers’ Relationship Rewind.

Let Ryan help you to get her back and keep her in your life! You can find out more about me here. Also be sure to read more about the National Healthy Marriage Resource Center for more information on healthy relationships.

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